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As you may know, this blog started life as a resource aimed at the members and Alumni of Birmingham University's Guild Musical Theatre Group.

Since then, I have realised that a great many artists I know could use a serious resource for discussion and debate of the major issues.

So, I open this network to any and all arts professionals who would like to use it. Over the years, I have seen some awe inspiring performances and productions by a great many talented and high ranking individuals, whose knowledge would be an asset to the artistic community. I invite these individuals and others to come forward, so that their achievements may be celebrated.

If you would like to write articles or make comments on this blog, please let me know. My contact email is on the link. Membership is free, and there are no obligations. Existing members are free to write as and when they want.

Its is also easy to forget, that we don't often have a chance to discuss or to think about the most serious issues affecting the arts. Despite all the progress made by online networks like Facebook and Twitter, there still needs to be a place where opinions can be viewed, and I hope that this will be such a place: a neutral ground, where all are welcome, and where knowledge can be shared.

Artists of all disciplines, I hope that this will assist your development and further networking. May this resource serve you well.

Best Regards,

James Megarry


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Arts Apprenticeships

Here's an idea I've been having for a while, about how we can create more opportunities for apprenticeships in the arts for our region and for others. We have the connections and expertise in our group, to make it happen.

Looking at the apprenticeships for the artistic profession in the UK, I can see that although apprenticeships are available for similar professions, such as technicians, and events promoters; there doesn't seem to be courses available for theatre directors and producers:


From what I have been told, the career paths to becoming directors and producers are not easy ones, and have not been clear cut. Even if they were, I still think we need to set up more opportunities for people in our region to train in backstage production to make it more accessible for young apprentices - and of course, the same goes for scholarships and bursaries for onstage performance as well.

Fortunately, we have exactly the right contacts within our LinkedIn group, to be able to set these kind of apprenticeships up:


Some of our members are involved with Theatre In Education and hence they understand the learning aspect of such an operation. Others have connections within universities, who could enable training programmes and schemes to be put together. And finally, some of our members own or manage the organisations, where places for apprenticeships could be offered.

If we co-ordinate our efforts, I know that we could actually find, plan and set up apprenticeship opportunities in at least a few of our members' organisations. You have the talent, expertise, and the connections. Any suggestions or ideas you have on this are certainly welcome.

Let's think about how we could co-ordinate our organisations' efforts to make this happen.

Best Regards

James M